911 Address Application

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*This application is for unincorporated areas of Dickinson County only.

House Marker Sign

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Help us find you...post your numbers!

Every second counts in an emergency...can responders find your home?

Wanted, Posted and Visible: Your House NumberIn town...

  • Post your house numbers so that they are clearly visible from the street
  • Make sure your house numbers are of a contrasting color to the house
    Be sure to keep all trees, bushes and other plants trimmed so they do not block the view of your house numbers
  • If your house sits too far from the road, have a house marker sign installed at the end of the driveway
  • Most communities have an ordinance requiring house numbers — links to these ordinances are below.

In unincorporated areas...

  • Make sure your green house marker sign is posted and clearly visible from both directions on the road
  • Be sure to keep all trees, bushes and other plants trimmed so they do not block the view of your sign
  • Rural signs should be installed so that they sit perpendicular to the roadway — that is, so that they can be viewed from both directions as you approach the driveway
  • At night, check to make sure it reflects properly — if it does not, request a replacement
  • You may put numbers on your mailbox, but you are still required to have an official green address marker sign posted - Note: The green signs you can buy at many department and hardware stores are not the official sign that is required — you can get the official sign from the 911 office only
  • County ordinance requires all homes to have an official house marker sign posted

City Ordinances

Nearly all cities in Dickinson County, as well as the County itself, have an ordinance stating that residents shall have their house number displayed. Use the links below to see the actual ordinances (in PDF format).

For more information, call the 911 office at 712-336-3987 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..